New 1.5.4 install with win10 clients. Partimage or partclone?

  • Hi all,

    I have a new 1.5.4 install that i will be using with win10 clients. Should i be using Partimage or partclone?

    Thanks for your input

  • Moderator

    @jahilton2002 Partclone is the default for FOG 1.2.0 and later. Partimage is left in the configuration for legacy images so they will deploy correctly with newer releases of FOG.

    The next question you might ask is zstd or gzip compression. By default gzip is selected since it has been part of fog imaging for many years. The new compression technology is zstd. zstd is known for having a fast decompression speed as compared to gzip. zstd also creates smaller image files on the fog server. The only down side(s) to fog using zstd:

    1. zstd is a newer compression format than traditional gzip compression.
    2. It takes longer to compress the image with zstd than with gzip, but decompression times more than make up for the slower compression times (consider you typically capture once and deploy many times).

    So what should you pick? partclone with zstd with compression ratio 11.

    Also there are 2 bugs in FOG 1.5.4 that have been patched in the 1.5.5 beta release that have not been back ported to 1.5.4.

    1. Roll the FOS kernels back to 4.15.2 (done in fog setup->kernels). Download both the 64 bit (bzImage) and 32 bit (bzImage32) x86 images. This will fix the 3-5 delay (in some cases) creating the partition table (this issue is being actively worked on by the developers)
    2. If you run into an imaging issue with out of memory condition (under rare circumstances) there is another fix that I can tell you about if you run into it.