• I have a FOG server running .32 on a Ubuntu 11.10.

    I am currently having issues when deploying images to computers. Fog was working great and then one day I came in and started having the following issues:

    When deploying an image, FOG will begin to process and then randomly stall out. I get no error message, it just freezes on the imaging screen with the progress bar and stays there until I restart it. If I kill the task and start a new one, the same issue occurs.

    This issue occurs across all computer models and with multiple images.

    Occasionally, if I leave the imaging process running long enough (overnight) the task will complete, sometimes it will not. Prior to the stall I am getting excellent throughput. Upwards of 1Gb/min. The failure point is totally random. I can use the SAME image on the SAME computer and try three times, and it will stall in three different places, anywhere from 1% complete to 96% complete, eventually, if I try enough times, the task will complete. In the instances when the task completes, the image works great and has no problems.

    I have changed default Kernels several times. I am currently running the default .32 kernel except on computers that seem to have issues with it.

    I am hoping someone out there can give me a starting point as far as troubleshooting this goes. I can’t seem to find anything interesting in the log files and really need FOG to work again as I have several computer labs to re-image.

  • I’ll take a look and see if I’ve got one going bad. Thanks

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    I had this issue with an older 3Com switch that was going out. Replaced with a new switch and my deployment stalls went away.