• Hi Team,

    I have recently implemented Fog in X location, we have 3 locations (X, Y & Z). I’m able to PXE boot from location X & Y, all 3 are on the sae network but different VLAN’s. However, in the location Z, I’m getting TFTP open timeout. I have set the DHCP options 66 & 67 and when I try to download the TFTP file from CMD, I’m able to download it without any issues. Can someone please help.

    -Abrar Ali

  • Senior Developer

    @mstumpo Please open your own topic as your setup and the issue is different to the one initially posted.

    Tell us your setup, FOG version, OS and so on.

  • I am new to Linux and Fog. Setup a Fog server and set one of my Dell workstations to PXE boot. I have DHCP set on my Windows Server for 066/067 and when booting the test station, PXE obtains the correct IP information but TFTP times out. Any thoughts on how to correct this?

  • Senior Developer

    For location z, can you give us the tftp configuration set for it? OS Running? FOG Version? Etc…

    To me it sounds like the configuration doesn’t like the :69 equivalent and is likely looking to have the setup. Of course you can replace the with the FOG Server’s IP Address, the 0’s just mean any interface.

    If I had to guess you’re running a debian variant.

    This is only a guess though, so please provide the information asked above as we can then much more simply help you out.