• Hello,

    I have a Dell XPS 15 9570 running bios v.1.3.1 that won’t boot to my fog USB boot disk. I am able to boot other devices from this disk, but not this one. I have been able to install Windows on this device from a USB disk as well.

    When I try to boot the device I get a blank screen with a white cursor in the upper left corner. See attached image.0_1534531612993_IMG_20180817_114630.jpg

    I have played with all of the bios setting and updated the bios and nothing is fixing this. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Senior Developer

    @bricktop135 At which stage do you get the cursor on the black screen? Can take a series of pictures or video so we see the whole boot process?

  • Moderator

    Is this target computer in bios(legacy) or uefi mode? If its in uefi mode did you disable secure boot?

    Where did you get the FOG USB boot image?