Is "max clients" adhered to if machines aren't registered?

  • We have our “max clients” set to 4.

    Yesterday, we deployed an image (using unicast) to 8 devices. The machines are not registered in FOG; we simply used the “image now” functionality from the FOG boot menu.

    All 8 machines imaged at once rather than limiting to 4 at a time.

    Is this expected behavior? If so, could it be changed? We’d really like the “max clients” setting to be used at all times.

  • @loosus456 I should not speak for the @developers, instead I’ll ask them to answer you. What I will say is that FOG is built around the idea of registered, managed hosts. Nearly all of it’s features require hosts to be registered. ‘quick deploy’ I think is one of the very few features that does not require registration…

  • @Wayne-Workman Is that something that could be added as a feature if we asked for it? Or are there complex reasons not to do so?

    I ask because we often don’t register devices. We can do it, but it adds more time to an imaging project.

  • @loosus456 They don’t because their imaging does not go into the tasks list I think. Everything in the tasks list is linked to a registered host.