CAN I simply upgrade fog 1.2.0 to 1.5.4?

  • CAN I simply upgrade fog 1.2.0 to 1.5.4?

    VM server Umbuntu 14.1 ( ran a backup of mysyl and fog settings are saved, I also took a snap shot of the working VM so I can revert to that if need be.)

    any help is greatly appreciated…

  • thank you

  • Moderator

    You “can” upgrade, but I would recommend that you spin up a new FOG server instead.

    The reasons are 2 fold. One, Ubuntu 14.04 is at best, only supported to April 2019. That is for 14.04.5 release, the older releases of 14.04.x are already EOS. Secondly, upgrading is a one way street. I understand you have a snapshot of your current release, but its all or nothing where a second fog server running 1.5.4 would give you the opportunity to migrate to the new FOG server gradually. The underlying FOG architecture of 1.2.0 is a lot different than 1.5.4 upgrading can be done as long as there are third party libraries that still support the FOG required modules.

    With that all said, I think you would still be better off spinning up a new fog server, copying your images over and then recreating your image definitions (sorry I don’t remember if FOG 1.2.0 had the ability to export the image definitions or not, I know FOG 1.3.0 and newer had the import, export function for both hosts and image definitions).

    Lastly don’t forget that if you use the FOG clients, you will need to upgrade the fog clients on all target systems to take advantage of the updates to the fog clients too.