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    Having issues with the slack plug-in, Does anyone have it working? Im getting a invalid user and/or Channel passed error and I assume I have the format wrong.

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    Same issue as this post from 9 months ago

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    in User/Channel to post to you either choose to sent it to a user or a channel.
    You are setting the destination, the access token is going to make it send from your user. This integration doesn’t create a bot like other slack integrations. You could create a separate slack user called fogbot to connect this integration and that would make it send as a different user.
    But lets say you don’t do that, here’s what will happen in 2 different fixes

    So if you change User/Channel to post to to @fogbot

    then it will send updates from your slack user in a direct message to fogbot in slack.

    If you change User/Channel to post to to #fogimaging then updates of imaging actions will send from your slack user to the #fogimaging channel.

    Hopefully that helps as I’m guessing that you’re thinking that you’re setting a user to post as because many other slack integrations require that. This one is a bit more basic as it just uses the user in the access token and sends it to a choice of destination.

    So think of access token as the source and User/Channel to post to as the destination

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    @jgallo One account can link to either a user, or a channel. Not both.

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  • @tom-elliott That’s the thing, on the plug-in, it only has a field for access token and user/channel. So when using the format of @someuser/#somechannel under one field, the plugin returns an error stating that it’s invalid. Are you saying there should be two parts to linking a new account?

    Also xoxb is the token assigned by Slack now and I just noticed that you stated xoxp. Could that make a difference?

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    So you would do:


    Access Token: xoxp-sometokenfromslack
    User/Channel to post to: @someuser


    Access Token: xoxp-sometokenfromslack
    User/Channel to post to: #somechannel

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    @jgallo It’s an Either OR, not both. You can only send to one user, or one channel, per slack account added.

  • @Tom-Elliott when trying to enter user/channel format, the plug in states invalid user/channel passed. So if my user is called fogbot and channel is fogimaging, wouldn’t the format be @fogbot/#fogimaging or are there spaces in between? I even reset API token and generated a new one just in case that could have been it.

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    When you enter the channel, you must have the # in front, and for a user you must have the @ in front.

    So you must have your token, and the user/channel you’re trying to send the messages to.