"Copy" image to repository

  • I have a network with two locations connected via wireless link.
    I have my fog server at one site, and a fog repository at the other site.
    Is it possible to Copy an image that I have on my main fog server to the repository?

    My thought is that when I image computers on the side of the network that hosts the repository I can limit the wireless traffic going across the network.

    I am not sure that the server/repository setup will even work this way. My goal is not increased space it is limiting traffic over a WAN.

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    @dholland said in "Copy" image to repository:

    I have my fog server at one site, and a fog repository at the other site.

    Lets makes sure our terms are the same.

    You have a FOG Server at your HQ and a FOG Storage node at the remote location? If this is the case if both the FOG Server (master node) and the Storage node are in the same storage group then replication happens automatically.

    In addition at your remote location you will configure the dhcp scope to pxe boot from the IP address of your FOG Storage node.

    The last bit of magic you need is to install the Location plugin. Then allocate each server to a plugin location. Finally when you register target computers you will need to assign that target computer to a Location. That way the target computer knows where to pull its image from.

    During the pxe boot process the target system will need to make a http lookup call to your FOG Server at HQ but all file transfer will happen with the local storage node.