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    I know I can define an image with only a partition but I would like that when I do a deploy image, choose the partition that I want to deploy (without change the image definition).

    I see that FOG saves some info about the image in imageSize field:

    Maybe is possible develop a listbox with the partitions and choose the partition that I want to deploy.

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    If the imagesize is empty, FOG only shows me the option to capture or deploy all image. If the imagesize is not empty, FOG shows me the options: all image or only one partition

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    Only overwrite the partition that I want to “reload”.

    First, you need to deploy the complete image. When I need to make some changes in one partition, I deploy this partition.

    For example:

    • I have a image with two partition: System and Data. In Data partition I have a virtual machine. I deploy the complete image (System and Data) but after two week I need to update the virtual machine, then I only need to deploy the Data partition.

    • I have a dual system (Windows and Linux), I deploy this dual image in my IT room, after three months I want to update the Linux system, I capture only the linux partiton and deploy it.

  • Moderator

    Do you mean deploy as in overwrite all data on the disk and write this partition there?

    Even if so, I’m not entirely sure how that would work given that the MBR/GPT tables wouldn’t match the deployed partitions.