• Hi,

    I may have a strange use case here.
    I have a virtual and a physical environment.
    My FOG server has two NIC’s and static addresses in both networks and I’d like it to serve both …
    I there any reasonable way to do this?

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    @sebastian-roth OP also mentioned separate virtual and physical environments. It just occurred to me he can use the physical server for his physical subnet utilizing one of the NIC’s and just spinning up a linux VM for FOGing on his Virtual subnet. No additional cost this way. Good thinking.

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    @teddue FOG comes with several services which are all bound / configured to use one specific network interface and IP address. For two different network subnets I’d suggest setting up two separate FOG servers. It’s way easier to handle and causes less issues I reckon. If you need to share images you can still setup your own replication job using cron and rsync for example.

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    Kinda bumping this thread/trying to help. Kind of thinking out loud, but this would involve 2 IP helper addresses on the networking side, two DHCP option 66 ip addresses, and somehow specifying 2 IP’s on the FOG server itself.

    Does FOG handle your DHCP?