Win10 FOG Client Power Management Problem

  • FOG Server - 1.5.4
    FOG OS - Debian 9.4
    FOG Client Ver. - 0.11.16
    OS - Windows 10

    I noticed that our Windows 10 clones do not respond to FOG’s request to shutdown via the Power Management feature in the FOG Client. I verified that both settings were set to allow FOG to manage settings for Power Management (globally and per host). I also checked the machines FOG log and it shows it pull the request to shutdown the computer but nothing ever happens.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • @joe-schmitt
    I see. I did discover a BIOS/UEFI setting on this lab model that does not allow the computer to completely go to sleep. This may at least let me invoke shutdown or WOL. We’ll see. Otherwise, I can always use CRON to set the shutdown settings after things have been updated.

    Thanks again!

  • Senior Developer

    @Joe-Gill on sleep, all programs and services are suspended. This means the client can not operate during this period, and so there’s not much it can do to actually perform a shutdown.

  • @Joe-Schmitt

    Just one quick observation… If a host is asleep when it receives the shutdown command, set to perform immediately, is it supposed to shutdown? Mine are not. What’s the best solution to shutting down hosts that are asleep? I usually end up just doing this manually but their has to be a simpler way.


  • @Joe-Schmitt I apologize. No problems here. I jumped the gun. I made the change on the server last night and updated a lab of hosts. They didn’t shut off, after checking back in to the server, so I assumed it was an issue. I could see on the log where the server made the call to power off the machine but nothing happened. So I powered them off manually. I assumed that their was an issue. I just retested things and they seem to be working just fine. It appears that I was just caught in the delay of things updating, yesterday.

    Thanks for making me look at this one more time.

  • Senior Developer

    @Joe-Gill can you attach the C:\fog.log from one of the problematic machines?

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