SOLVED The new UI on android 8.0.0 in chrome gave a strange web page

  • I just updated to fog 1.5.4 from 1.5.3 and still the new UI on my cell phone running Android 8.0.0 in chrome gave a strange web page… desktop version is ok on PC and on phone if desktop version is requested.

    here some sample… check this out.

    2_1528322818888_Screenshot_20180531-142748.png 1_1528322818888_Screenshot_20180531-142826.png 0_1528322818888_Screenshot_20180531-142841.png

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    Yep, my recommendation was to report it. That way we have a baseline to what was, when 1.6 is rolled out. Without it being reporting this issue is hidden from a support standpoint.

  • @tom-elliott no worry as I have a fix by requesting desktop version… George suggested I report it.
    thank you for everything !

  • @lepage this is known and unfortunately unfixable. 1.6 will have this much better. Please remember, 1.5 is mainly a stepping stone for 1.6. It was an attempt to make things responsive but I’m just not that good alone lol. 1.6 will be significantly better at this. Just please have patience.