• I am having issues when sending out an XP image. Just for clarification, I am able to deploy a Windows 7 image to one machine, and to the group (20 machines) without issues.

    When I deploy the XP image (roughly 7gigs in size), I am able to do it to one machine, and a group of two machines, however when I try to do the group of 20 machines it has issues.

    When I say issues I mean, I am able to get them all to a blue Please Wait screen, and then nothing happens. The task switches from queued to running however on the server, I am also deploying them with multicast of course.

    I would also like to note that my computers sometimes after I create the task and the server sends out the wake on lan, will boot into the OS and not the task until I restart the machine, into which then it goes to the Please Wait screen. Do you guys any any ideas what could be going wrong or what I should be looking for?

    We use multiple XP images throughout the year and cannot just switch over to using all Windows 7. The machines are all the same hardware. I don’t feel that it is the image because I am able to successfully image one machine with deploy, and two machines as a group with multicast, without any issues.

  • Developer

    Great to hear you got it all working.

  • Kalawala, I would suggest looking into the BIOS config for those other 17. Some BIOS have a separate boot order for WOL.

  • It appears to have been my own error, and yes I could multicast to the Win. 7 machines. I would install the client and then tell it to upload, and it would start to upload before booting into the OS. After a full restart (which it does state in the client install) it works fine, so I assume it had more tasks to do at the OS level.

    I will be creating a new thread for this, but I have encountered another error. I will tell it multicast to my group of 20 machines, they are shut down. FOG will send the wake-on-lan, 20 machines start. 3 machines will go to the blue, Please Wait screen, 17 machines will boot into their OS. As far as I am aware these are identical machines. Any ideas as to why?

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    Very strange.

    Can you Multicast image a group of 20 with a Windows 7 image?
    If you cannot, to me it sounds like a switch issue. Do you have IGMP enabled on all of the switches between the machines?

    Here are some wiki topics: