Proper Way to Upgrade FOG?

  • Just noticed 1.5.3 is out.

    I read the post and followed links as well as searching Google and cannot find anything official and recent in terms of the proper upgrade process.

    I am currently on 1.5.2 (CentOS 7.5 base). It shows its out of date and that the current version is 1.5.3 but I see no option in the interface to suggest an upgrade option there.

    Other than things I have customized within the web GUI the only other alteration I recall was in the dhcpd.conf to the ip range used by DHCP, which I can easily change myself.

    I have taken a snapshot of the FOG VM (it runs in a ESXi 6.7 VM) and backed up the configuration from the gui.

    If someone could guide me as to how to properly update or point me to a current/valid guide on updating I would appreciate it. Thanks

  • @tom-elliott I expected that may be the case. I did not mean to imply any issue, just observations in case someone is impatient (I almost tried a reboot while it was on #2).

    Now its back to trying to get the colors of the menu the way I’d like (


  • @zer0cool

    1. It always prompts. You can auto accept by passing the -y switch with the ./ command to prevent this. This does not necessarily mean there is a Schema Update for the version being installed.
    2. This isn’t anything bad. There’s any number of reasons for it to take a while, though I couldn’t tell you what.
    3. This is normal. The display is only assuming default information. (Hence the phrasing Default User Information)

  • For those interested, this is the procedure I followed to update:

    FOG 1.5.2 to 1.5.3
    CentOS 7.5.1803

    Altered a bit from
    Initial install I followed this (just for reference, only needed for fresh install): (hence my cd line being to the directory the install directions mention)

    cd ~/Downloads/git/fogproject
    git pull
    cd bin
    sudo ./

    A couple observations about the installer:

    • It prompted to go to the url ‘ip/fog/management’ to update/create the database. Doing so just took me to the dashboard of my FOG server. I hit ‘enter’ back on the server to continue. Not sure if this prompt is just a remnant and can be ignored or if I skipped something important.
    • On the step of ‘Setting up TFTP and PXE server…’ (wording may be different) it took about 5 minutes to compete. I was concerned it hung but gave it time and it moved on.
    • At completion it incorrectly states my username and password as the default (fog/password). I logged out and into the web interface and checked the users section and my proper “old” username and password were there and no new user created so it appears the message is wrong.

    I rebooted after completion and once back up everything seems to be in order looking at the web gui. If anything problematic crops up ill post back but seems to have went relatively smooth.

  • @quazz Ah ok so if I understand correctly I am pulling the new files from git (having told it the branch I want) and then running the script (similar to the initial install)?

  • Moderator

    I recommend the git method. Replace dev-branch for master if you want the latest stable version.