Import images from old Fog 1.2.2 to 1.5.2

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    How can I import images that were made by 1.2.2 into 1.5.2?



  • @stylus3530 In fact, you can deploy a 1.2.0 image and re-capture with 1.5.2. All you need to do is not allow the image to boot. Once deployed, immediately re-capture and all should work fine.

  • Thanks for the answer

    Because the images are also Windows based and syspre, it is not a possibility to deploy with 1.2.2 and recapture with 1.5.2

    Is there somewhere a good manual for copie it?



  • Moderator

    How many images are you talking about? There may be enough value in having you deploy the image with 1.2.2 and recapture with 1.5.2 since there are many updates with fog 1.5.2 in the area of image compression and speed using the newer fog compressors.

    With the 1.2.x files can be copied over to the /image directory of your 1.5.2 fog server. Then you will need to manually create the image definitions in the manage image module. When you create the image, you will need to pick the same OS type and single disk non-resizable and then the key is the compressor select Partimage.

    Again I’ll say you may be better off deploying with 1.2.2 and then just turn around and recapture with 1.5.2 so you can use zstd compressor and select single disk resizable options.

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