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    I created an image with only one partition 😄 default drive of windows, and I deploy and another machine that had two partitions, the problem is that it formatted my two partitions, how do I just format the drive 😄 windows and not drive F: \ For example?


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  • @zago123
    Here is a link that explains how to format/create partitions. You will need a Windows boot media. So when you get this up, you will need to identify which partition you want to do which task to (format, create, etc.). Make sure you are careful with this and do the wrong partition by mistake.


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    @zago123 You may need to explain a bit more about your hard drive partition layout. I have the idea you have a dual boot configuration and are only interested in updating windows.

    If this is the case then you might have a problem with the dual boot setup. But yes FOG can be told to only copy partition 2 if needed. BUT when it restores it, the copy will go back to partition 2. That will overwrite what ever is in partition 2 if the drive configuration is different.

  • @george1421

    I do not want to format all my HD partitions, just the windows reserved and the 😄 Is there such a possibility the fog?

  • I created an image of windows 7 with the standard partitions of windows 7 even, “Reserved” and "C: ", I captured normal with the capture image and I used the single disk multiple partitions, on my machine that I deploy that image, it erased all my partitions, the question would be : if it is possible to format some machine and not erase all the partitions of it?

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    I don’t understand what you posted. We have to be missing something here.

    You created a new image with one partition? On what operating system? Most operating systems create multiple partitions by default.

    What operating system did you create?

    How did you capture it? What mode single disk resizable?

    If you did select single partition I might understand how this happened. If you picked any of the disk formats then the complete target disk should be erased and a new partition table created.

    What I’m saying is what you posted isn’t normally possible with FOG.

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