• Developer

    Actually the reports are very powerful and you can filter them by different concepts, but only after do the query in the DB. The reports show all entries and then you can filter.

    I would like to do some pre-filters, like by data or by host name. For example, in the usertracking report you can do some pre-filters.

    My problem is the next: I have 7000 computers in my FOG server, and if I need to do an imaging log report, FOG takes 1 minute (and, now, I have little entries in the db ) in show all of the entries in hte DB.

  • Developer

    OK, Tom. I wil wait for the 1.6 version to see it 🙂
    Thanks for the information.

  • I’m aware the reports are a bit sluggish and unfamiliar in 1.5.X (and earlier I suppose). That said, the approach for 1.6 is much different, and I think most will appreciate the new approach a lot better. This doesn’t mean loading 7k items will be instant of anything (nor would I expect it to be) but 1.5 and earlier code is extremely unruly in how it gets its information. Tie that in with the fact that not all pages (reports in the case too) where handled in a very commonized manner. (Sorting could happen on some pages, but not others where it may have been appropriate.)

    It’s too difficult to just flip that around as it would need to be modified for all reports and edited to handle things similarly (meaning a lot of time just to go into reporting). If you’d like to have a go, feel free and do a pull request. I just don’t have the time/fortitude to want to do this while working on the next version of FOG.