• Hi Everyone,

    I have been using fog for some time now and this one has got me stumped.

    I have imaged before with windows 7 and fog. I know if you use the single partition format it will really let you upload an image with 2 partitions (c drive and 100mb system.

    I just got some new HP z210 SFF computers in and when I load my OS it is now creating 3 partions

    C drive
    100 mb system
    And 128mb MSR (Microsoft system reserved)
    The computer works fine but I cannot image

    Id I use disk part to delete the partition it still boots, until it is imaged, then I get a boot error (that I have seen before, usually I can boot off the windows CD and repair that error, but this machine is telling me that the version of the cd is different from the version of the CD I used to install windows, which is not true, it is actually the same disk

    I’m stumped any help would be appricated

  • I too am having trouble to deploy images wit UEFI images. Each time I deploy the computer boots into recovery.

  • I was just able to upload UEFI based images, but not to deploy them. I think that FOG 0.32 can’t handle this yet. So I posted a feature request. Maybe this feature will be integrated in future releases.

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    I’m not familiar with the new UEFI and GPT stuff yet. I have not had the exciting opportunity to troubleshoot FOG with it. If you do figure out a solution, please share it with the forums and wiki.

  • Having a MSR partition means that Windows is installed in (U)EFI mode, not in the old MBR or “legacy” mode. I haven’t been able to deploy hosts with UEFI based images. So I would suggest that you reinstall Windows using the legacy mode.

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    Have you tried gparted from bootable USB stick? I used it on some Fujitsu’s to remove the recovery and data partitions created by the Fujitsu installer. I had to resize the partitions and move them around. It all worked out in the end.

  • just a little update, this MSR partion only gets created with my volume licenses disk, not any OEM media