Single image for UEFI & legacy bios?

  • Fog 1.5
    Ubuntu 16.04

    Hey guys, kind of a stupid question, but we are beginning to roll out support for UEFI for the first time. Is it possible to create a single Windows 10 image that can boot both legacy bios and uefi bios? Or are we going to have to start maintains two windows 10 golden images?

  • @robertd Windows has some magic to go from BIOS to UEFI. When you deploy a bios image to a UEFI machine, Windows will do this repair thing to convert the disk structure over. However - using this as part of your workflow is really sloppy and you’re probably just begging for trouble.

  • Thanks george,
    I was afraid of that. I was just hoping FOG had some sort of post imaging partitioning magic to convert a single partition legacy image into an efi partition structure.

  • Moderator

    The disk structures are different between bios (legacy mode) and uefi so you need to maintain 2 different golden images. A bit off point, but we use MDT to build our reference images (1 for bios, 1 for uefi using the same task sequence). MDT reduces our build out time for our golden images quite a bit.

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