Single image for UEFI & legacy bios?

  • Fog 1.5
    Ubuntu 16.04

    Hey guys, kind of a stupid question, but we are beginning to roll out support for UEFI for the first time. Is it possible to create a single Windows 10 image that can boot both legacy bios and uefi bios? Or are we going to have to start maintains two windows 10 golden images?

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    @jhumpf There is no resolution to this. UEFI captured images can only function on uefi based computers. The same is true for BIOS captured images they can only function on bios based systems. The hardware is interfaced differerntly between the two. Most will just create two images, one for BIOS and one for UEFI systems which is MUCH cleaner and a MS supported solution.

  • Did you resolve this? I have an image I created on a UEFI machine and I need it to boot on BIOS/Legacy booting machines

  • @robertd Windows has some magic to go from BIOS to UEFI. When you deploy a bios image to a UEFI machine, Windows will do this repair thing to convert the disk structure over. However - using this as part of your workflow is really sloppy and you’re probably just begging for trouble.

  • Thanks george,
    I was afraid of that. I was just hoping FOG had some sort of post imaging partitioning magic to convert a single partition legacy image into an efi partition structure.

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    The disk structures are different between bios (legacy mode) and uefi so you need to maintain 2 different golden images. A bit off point, but we use MDT to build our reference images (1 for bios, 1 for uefi using the same task sequence). MDT reduces our build out time for our golden images quite a bit.

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