Possible to edit Snapin message on client?

  • Hi.
    I did a search but wasnt successful, if you know of a thread discussing the same thing feel free to guide me to it or tell me to be even more thorough in my search.

    The message that pops up on computers with the fog client installed when executing a snapin is always: Installing [Snapin-Name].

    Usually thats just fine, but as I am also using the Snapin-System to push settings or uninstall programs during tests, is it possible to change that message to e.g. say “Uninstalling [Snapin Name]” or give it a completely custom message?

    Thanks for your support!

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    @Taspharel Client version 0.11.16 (included in the FOG 1.5.1 release) features the new Snapin messages (currently only for English, other translations will follow in future releases).

    Thanks for suggesting this change!

  • That would be a good middleway I agree.

    This way its easier to convey what is happening to the users.


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    I am in agreement that the Client’s message should be “Running {name}” instead of “Installing {name}” as it is the most versatile.

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    Using the “Running snapin” message you could name your snapins so it more pertains to the message.

    For example, the name being “Google Chrome Uninstaller” you would see the message:

    “Running Google Chrome Uninstaller”

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    I think this is not such a good idea.

    For one, snapins aren’t an installing/uninstalling utility. Snapins are just (in the simplest of terms) a way of running some executable, be it a script, program, or what have you.

    If anything, the message of snapins should really be (in my opinion) “Running snapin…”

    And the status of that snapin should be displayed on the task management page.

    These status’ are able to be configured, and I’ll request @lee-rowlett to take a look at this as I know he’s doing similar types of things for snapins and status messages.

  • @taspharel Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. @joe-schmitt This might be accomplished with a new field for snapins called “Snapin Message” or something similar? Environment variables could be used within the message too?

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