• Hi all !
    I have a problem with fog with some computers that i can’t see in the console in pending hosts.

    I install a new server in a debian and with FOG_1.5.0, i want to use FOG for snapins so, i install (manually) the FOG Client in some computers.

    Next i go in my web interface and see only a few hosts in “Host Management”…
    If i look in c:\fog.log i see that log :

     14/03/2018 11:28 Client-Info Version: 0.11.15
     14/03/2018 11:28 Client-Info OS:      Windows
     14/03/2018 11:28 Middleware::Authentication Waiting for authentication timeout to pass
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Communication Download: http://srv-fog1-n0/fog/management/other/ssl/srvpublic.crt
     14/03/2018 11:30 Data::RSA FOG Server CA cert found
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Authentication Cert OK
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Authentication No token found at C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\token.dat, this is expected if the client has not authenticated before
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Authentication ERROR: Could not get security token
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Authentication ERROR: Le fichier 'C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\token.dat' est introuvable.
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Communication POST URL: http://srv-fog1-n0/fog/management/index.php?sub=requestClientInfo&authorize&newService
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Response Invalid security token
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Communication URL: http://srv-fog1-n0/fog/management/index.php?sub=requestClientInfo&configure&newService&json
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Response Success
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Communication URL: http://srv-fog1-n0/fog/management/index.php?sub=requestClientInfo&mac=00:09:0F:AA:00:01|DC:4A:3E:7C:78:DD|00:09:0F:FE:00:01&newService&json
     14/03/2018 11:30 Middleware::Authentication Waiting for authentication timeout to pass

    I try to reboot the host many time, i reboot the apache2, i reboot the server… but i’m lost ! 😞

    Do you have any idea of what appen ?

    Thanks !

  • Ok thanks.

  • Senior Developer

    @laurentb go in GUI, click hosts, find the host saying this, click on it to edit. At top of page you should see a big orange button saying “reset encryption data”

  • @Tom-Elliott no i dont’ because i dont’ know how…:)
    (but if you coul’d explain it to me i will keep the info if i have the case another time).

  • Senior Developer

    I’m just going on a limb but the log message you provided says “Invalid Security Token”. I’m going to guess you already performed the “reset encryption data” for them?

  • Note for admins… i want to mark the topic as “Solved” but i don’t see the option…

  • @Wayne-Workman and @Joe-Schmitt thanks a lot for your help guys but it works now !!!
    i finaly found what’s wrong… !!! 😄

    @Joe-Schmitt yes the computer isn’t showing up under all hosts AND pending.

    For your information, i try to install a previous version of FOG (1.4.4) and i use a couple of computers for my tests.

    After this i install “the real” server with the lastest version 1.5.0
    After that i try to delete and install the FOG client with the sames computers AND some others.
    Like i said some of them don’t works…

    SO, with the computers that were not working I totally uninstall FOG CLIENT, I purge the registry, i reboot…
    AND i make a new clean installation and it works !!!

    At the end i think there was a bad key left in the registry despite the “classic” uninstall.

    Thanks again.

  • Senior Developer

    @LaurentB Is that client log from a computer which isn’t showing up under all hosts AND pending?

    • @Wayne-Workman there’s no indication that this is a database issue yet, so it’d be best to avoid running destructive SQL commands until we know more.

  • @laurentb I’m not sure what’s wrong. I suggest you run the database maintenance commands in this link to see if that resolves the problem. Also preemptively asking @joe-schmitt to look at this thread.

  • @Wayne-Workman For those whom I see yes but the problem is that some host are not visible at all

  • @laurentb Did you accept the pending hosts?