Web GUI slow after adding storage node

  • Hi,

    I have just installed FOG on to a test box for one of our departments to test.
    When I add a new a new storage node, the Web GUI goes very very slow.
    After removing that storage node then it goes back to normal speed.

    No other settings have been changed on the FOG Server.

    FOG Specs:
    Debain running of Virtual Box
    25GB Disk Space
    4GB Memory

    Windows 7 shared folder running off a HP Desktop

    All the specs are just for testing purposes and if the department does want to go live, then it will be put on a server with better specs.

    Not sure what other info is needed as first time trying out FOG


  • Senior Developer

    Cross linking with https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/11573/increased-network-traffic-since-1-5-0-upgrade-snapins , as a replication bug could cause the web GUI slow down.

  • Hi

    Its everything in the GUI that is slow as when I access the GUI within and outside the virtualbox, it’s slow.
    The the storage, There is a folder on the Win 7 that is shared. On the storage nodes, I add it using the Win 7 Box IP and the folder name.

    Screen shot below



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    @kiwijames Are these the storage node specs or is the FOG server running in virtual box? The storage statement has me a little confused too. How does win7 shared storage come into the picture? FOG is linux based. You have to do something abnormal to use CIFS for storage.