• I had a Group that I was applying printer settings to and when I set the Group to Only Assigned printers with no printers installed I received the following error:

     2/21/2018 3:13 PM Client-Info Client Version: 0.11.14
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM Client-Info Server Version: 1.5.0-RC-13
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM Middleware::Response Success
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM PrinterManager Adding printers
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM PrinterManager Business Lab Richo Color Printer PS has already been configured
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM PrinterManager HS Business Lab Savin has already been configured
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM Service ERROR: Unable to run module
     2/21/2018 3:13 PM Service ERROR: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

    Let me know if their are any log files you’d like me to post.

  • Senior Developer

    @Joe-Gill glad you found a quick fix. I’ll keep this ticket open though, as it points to a deeper issue in the client: PrinterManager has a thread safety issue.

  • @Joe-Schmitt

    So the fix here was to re-boot the PC. That seemed to resolve things.

  • @Joe-Schmitt
    I had a few extra printers installed on the Group that I needed to remove. So what I do is set the Group to “Only Assigned Printers”. Than remove ALL printers associated with the Group. Wait 5 minutes. Re-add the printers to the group and let Fog update things. In the past this has worked perfectly. In fact some of the hosts in the Group were just fine and didn’t give the error. I even went as far as re-installing the FOG client and it still gave me the error.

  • Senior Developer

    @Joe-Gill definitely a client bug, luckily it should be a quick fix.

    One question: how many printers are assigned to the host? Just the two listed in the log?

    I’ll post back when I have a test build for you to try.