Ubuntu 16.04 image non-working boot loader after deployment.

  • I have a 16.04 image deploying from Version 1.5.0-RC-10; SVN Revision: 6080 running on CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core).
    The image is being deployed UEFI to 2017 HP Zbook 15 G3.
    After the deployment completes, the machine will not boot the hard drive. “No operating system found”
    The problem is that the boot loader, (Grub2) is missing or otherwise messed up in the deployed image.
    When I boot “Boot-repair ISO” and install grub, the machine will boot the hard drive and everything else is fine.

    The image was capture as follows:
    OS: Linux
    Image Type: Single Disk -Resizabel
    Partition: Everything
    Image enabled: 1
    Replicate: 1
    Compression: 6
    image manager: Partclone Gzip

    I’ve tried all the available EFI exit types (as well as the Bios exit types) to no avail…

    Any idea’s what the issue might be.

  • Senior Developer

    @mottz I guess you are capturing an UEFI based system, right? FOG still can’t capture UEFI boot entries from a system on capture. It’s been in the pipeline but I can’t say when we’ll get to it.

  • @mottz Can you update to RC 13 and try to re-capture and then try to deploy the new image and see how it goes please?