DHCP Setup with Locations Plugin

  • Hi Guys,

    I have the locations plugin installed and configured, and I’m not using FOG servers for DHCP at any of my sites but am the Windows DHCP, at the remote sites do I set the server to be my master node or the node that is in that location?

  • Thanks @george1421 Problem solved!

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    @kagashe Lets get some terms clear. FOG has two install modes. One is the normal FOG install. This creates a master node. The other install mode is a storage node. In a typically FOG configuration you will always have at least a (normal) FOG server install. This shall be your master node. You can have as many storage nodes as your organization needs. (hang in there I’m almost to the point of your question) You would typically place the master node at your HQ and storage nodes at remote sites.

    At your HQ you would set dhcp options 66 and 67 to point to the master node. At each remote site you set your dhcp options 66 and 67 to point to your local storage node. That way you are not pulling any boot files over your site to site WAN connections.

  • @george1421 Ya sorry was struggling to explain, mainly I was wondering on the remote site dhcp server do I set options 066 067 to point to the master node or the mirror node, If I point it to the master node, will the master node forward the request to the mirror?

  • Yep. Sending 100MB worth of kernel & FOS from the local storage node instead of the main fog server across a WAN link is part of the design of the location plugin.

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    @kagashe Reading between the lines here, If you have a storage node at each remote location, then that becomes your pxe boot server at the remote location. The location plugin, when configured, will direct the clients assigned to that storage node to image from that storage node.

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