(Client 0.11.12 -) Client 0.11.14, Windows 10 1709 - Reboot (or other power event) fails

  • Same problem again: 1135

    I started with a fresh Windows 10 1709. In the beginning the client initiated power events successfully.
    Then I started to rebuild my machine. And now after a couple of apps like browsers, java, office (no regedit or something comparable at all) the reboot fails again.

     17.02.2018 23:45 Client-Info Client Version: 0.11.14
     17.02.2018 23:45 Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     17.02.2018 23:45 Client-Info Server Version: 1.5.0-RC-13
     17.02.2018 23:45 Middleware::Response Success
     17.02.2018 23:45 HostnameChanger Checking Hostname
     17.02.2018 23:45 HostnameChanger Hostname is correct
     17.02.2018 23:45 HostnameChanger Attempting to join domain
     17.02.2018 23:46 HostnameChanger Success, code =  0
     17.02.2018 23:46 Power Creating shutdown request
     17.02.2018 23:46 Power Parameters: /r /c "Host joined to Active Directory, restart required" /t 0
     17.02.2018 23:46 Bus Emmiting message on channel: Power
     17.02.2018 23:46 Power Attempt 1/6 to shutdown computer
     17.02.2018 23:46 Power --> API call returned 0, will re-attempt in 5 minutes```

  • client 0.11.15

    Power events are executed on many (most?) machines again! Thank you for your work!

  • Senior Developer

    @TrialAndError phew, I’m glad the issue is mostly fixed. Thanks for helping me debug it!

  • client 0.11.15

    Power events are executed on many (most?) machines again! Thank you for your work!

  • On the “fresh” Win10 1709 switching to “Delayed” worked. The client 0.11.14 executed power events again.

    On the “old” Win 10 - no change. And either with 0.11.14 nor the nightly any events a logged in the Windows log files around the time the error is logged in fog.log.

  • Senior Developer

    @TrialAndError could you perform a few debugging steps for me? It’d help narrow down why the shutdown is failing:

    • Check the Windows log for any reported issues around 17.02.2018 23:46
    • Set the client to Automatic (Delayed) startup, and see if that solves the issue
    • If both of those fail, try running this build instead: https://build.jbob.io/Client/nightly/02-18-2018-powerdebug-01/SmartInstaller.exe . It will hopefully log a more specific error message, but you’d need to first uninstall any existing client on the machine, and reset encryption data on it before installing

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