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  • Hello all! I remember a few FOG releases back we could create a user whose only role was to image computers, but it could not log into the webpage. With all the updates, that functionality (at least, in its original location) has disappeared. Does anyone have any ideas about this or was it something that was removed due to lack of use? Thanks!

  • Senior Developer

    @junkhacker While we removed the settable feature from FOG, the database still relies on it I believe.

    If anything there is still a hook that could be tied into to “authorize” against.

    USER_TYPE_HOOK and USER_TYPE_VALID are the events to go against. This was part the reason why I went ahead with it, because there are ways around it anyway.

    USER_TYPE_HOOK is typically used for just checking and changing the type, as in the case of LDAP users vs. normal fog gui users.

    USER_TYPE_VALID is the simplest one with would allow you to hook against whether the user is valid for that particular are or not.

  • Developer

    can we just rename it to “PXE menu only”? because i rely on that to give our student workers access to only the features of fog that you can use from the ipxe menu. (i would remove the mobile interface manually after updates)

  • @tom-elliott Gotcha! Makes sense. Thanks for the update! Really appreciate it.

  • Senior Developer

    @ty900000 it’s been removed as the new GUI is mobile friendly. Managing two separate websites to do the same thing was very complicated.

  • BUMP…

    Does anyone know anything about the mobile / quick access option in version 1.5.0?


  • @george1421 Version 1.5.0 RC-12

  • Moderator

    What version of FOG are we talking about? I just confirmed that at least in 1.4.4. the mobile / quick access option is available still.






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