UNSOLVED Fog virtual hosts possible?

  • I installed fog on a Netgear ReadyNAS as it has a Linux base and it has been working great so far. Only issue is the web interface for the ReadyNAS has been taken over by the fog interface. Is there a way to set up fog with virtual hosts so I can access both fog and the readynas web interface?

  • Moderator

    @shad0wguy It would be helpful once you prove this setup as reliable, if you could write a tutorial explaining how you setup FOG on this device as well as what others need to watch out for. I don’t think the FOG Project developers will support this configuration directly, but I’m sure there are others in certain situations with your exact use case. Your configuration may help guide them.

    Please consider contributing to the cause, if you can.

  • I was able to fix this by setting virtual host in the FrontView (readynas web interface) settings.

  • @shad0wguy Probably, but it will be custom code. FOG is intended to ‘own’ it’s OS because it needs to change so much configuration to operate correctly.

    Rather than putting FOG on the NAS itself, you could instead use the NAS as a storage node and put your main fog server in a VM, and configure all the images to go onto the Storage Node. This is the route I would recommend.