Hostname image is not applied.

  • I have the environment below installed. I create the image, upload it without errors. When creating a deploy task on a machine previously registered in the Host Management tab, with the MAC and Name registered, the image does not return with the name (HOSTNAME) previously registered.

    Running Version 1.4.4
    SVN Revision: 6077

    Could someone help me or me step by step this procedure so that I can definitely use the FOG.


  • Problem solved. It was only the lack of the Client FOG installation on the machine. As soon as I installed it, the machines came up with their names. Many thanks for the help, friends.

  • If the image is not sysprepped, I believe that the image process (FOS) will try to rename the windows machine just after the image is applied. But if that fails for whatever reason, the FOG Client catches it and gets stuff set right.

  • A thousand excuses, but it was not installed. I just uploaded a clean image without sysprep for reasons that the machines where these images will be inserted are all identical. After installing Client FOG do I need to do anything else or does it already pull the hostname data registered with the MAC?

  • Moderator

    Let me ask you this, did you install the fog client into your reference image before you captured it?

    If not make sure you follow the guidance outlined here:

    The fog client service is responsible for interacting with the target computer post imaging.

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