UNSOLVED FOG Service - Error Communicating with Client

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    For what it’s worth: these are the manufacturers of the NICs: (You have two 00:09:0f, so I’m guessing this is a wireless card with Bluetooth?)

    00:09:0F Fortinet	Fortinet Inc.
    98:E7:F4 HewlettP	Hewlett Packard
    E4:A7:A0 IntelCor	Intel Corporate
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    Once you find the mac address that’s registered to a host other than the one requesting, you can blacklist the mac address by part or whole.

    You would goto FOG Configuration Page->FOG Settings->Quick Reg, and something like Pending Mac Filters (I can’t see right now as what we’re working on is not able to view the fog settings currently.) I’ll update with the direct link as soon as I can.

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    I don’t think sharing a users’ database is necessary, and should not be done except in the most extreme of cases.

    This particular issue is so miniscule, and finding the offending mac’s is so simple that sharing an entire database is not required.

    At the most, if sharing any part of a DB IS required, should only get a copy of the hostMAC Table so you can find the current host requesting, and figure out the mac’s are being sent.

    But even that’s not needed. The list of mac addresses being send is already visible:


    The rest of the mac addresses are “invalid” and not counted towards the registered macs.

    I’m fairly sure one of these 4 mac addresses has the “duplicate” host associated to it.

    The SQL QUERY to use to see which hosts have which mac’s:

    SELECT `hmHostID`,`hostID`,`hostName`,`hmMAC` FROM `hostMAC` LEFT OUTER JOIN `hosts` ON `hostMAC`.`hmHostID` = `hosts`.`hostID` WHERE `hmMAC` IN ('00:09:0f:aa:00:01','98:e7:f4:f4:0a:5e','e4:a7:a0:b6:55:26','00:09:0f:fe:00:01')\G
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    @tyler2017 typically multiple hosts error means a MAC address that is registered to another host is being presented with this host. This Mac could be anything though. VM macs are fairly common as the vm software installed within the image contains the exact same information for all hosts.

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    @tyler2017 We need more of the log file! The actual error causing this is further up! Did you “reset encryption” for this client in the FOG web UI yet?

  • @tyler2017 Start with these db maintenance commands, we will dig in further if it doesn’t help: