SOLVED [1.5.10-RC-10] Cannot choose Partclone Gzip as Image Manager

  • OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04

    When configuring an image, ‘Partclone Gzip’ cannot be set as the Image Manager.

    Steps to replicate:

    1. Select an image from the Image Management page.
    2. Take note of the current Image Manager (in my case it was Partimage, as that is the default).
    3. Set the image manager to ‘Partclone Gzip’.
    4. Click ‘Update’.
    5. The modal indicating the image was successfully updated should appear.
    6. Reload the page. The Image Manager selection will have reverted to what it was in step 2.

    All other Image Manager options work as expected.

  • @tom-elliott Thanks!

  • Senior Developer

    Found and fixed, will be in RC-11, sorry about that.

  • Moderator

    @brian-david I do feel this is a webgui issue. With the web gui there are 2 modes [create, update]. I can see where the create mode works OK, but the update mode may not. We will need to get one of the developers to look at the webgui. I know they have been putting many, many hours into RC11 (not released yet) fine tuning it, the issue may be already resolved. But they should at least be aware of it and confirm.

  • A quick update:

    When initially creating an image, setting the image manager to Partclone Gzip works (although it is described is ‘Partclone Compressed’ on the image overview page). However, if I then update the Image Manager to something else (e.g. Partimage), I find that I can no longer set it back to Partclone Gzip.