• Senior Developer

    FOG is still actively being developed. It’s not necessarily readily apparent, but we can assure you things are still being worked on. These updates may not be communicated in a way that everybody just knows, but can easily be seen if one were to look at our repository site.

    Between our own schedules and lives, we can get very busy. We try to keep things updated and help out on the forums even during lull periods. This might mean we aren’t pushing an RC or release as frequently. It may mean we’re working on other things for the project, such as can be seen if looking at our github site.

    Our forums are heavily active, and this should point as an indicator to our “status” as well.

    If anybody would like to see an increase in developers donating their time to making this free software, consider donating either with monetary support or by spending personal time to help with development.

    FOG is an open source project - it’s even in the name. It is driven by people donating their time and resources. The releases of FOG revolve around when developers can spare a few hours throughout the week. Sometimes that will mean releases will be further, sometimes that will mean releases will be faster. That’s just the nature of our project, and many other open source projects.

  • Thanks for the update Tom.
    Really appreciate everything that is being done.

    I’m not a developer, if there is anything besides posting on the forums when I have time that can be done I would happily help, just shoot me a pm.

    And regarding donations: I will see if we can make some of our budget available for a donation … our NPO is sadly very restricting regarding funds at the moment. But we will see 🙂

  • Thank you for your answers very much.

    Nice to hear that this important project is still living! 🙂

    I had a look at the github site before but you must admit that there are “not many” commits at least in the working and dev-branch.

    By the way: is there a mailing-list or something else where you developpers dicuss where the road shall lead to (and what the work is done in the moment)?

  • Moderator

    I have to say, FOG has been quite solid lately. I’ve been on RC10 working since it came out and I haven’t found any bugs in my environment. Keep fighting the good fight developers. I live vicariously through you guys since I don’t have one iota of programming skill!