• Can any one tell me the best version of fog to use with ubuntu server 16.04 Im pulling my hair out trying to simply capture a windows 10 image nothing works ? ive done clean installs of 1.4.4 and 1.5.0 on 16.0.4 and every time it hangs on clearing ntfs flags I have also chmod 777 on images folder and chown fog for images . The fog server is installed in a vm using KVM but i would think thats the issues however I installed that same setup on a physicall server and everthing worked 😞 really fraustrating

  • @gmonk I use Fog 1.3.3 for all my windows 10 captures and deploys works great in VM.

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    @gmonk said in Image Capture:

    do a capture but still stuck at "Clearing NTFS flag …Done "

    Can you please take a picture of that and post here.

    As well I’d ask you to schedule a debug capture task (like you normally do but just before hitting the schedule button in the web UI there is a debug checkbox). When you get to the shell (after boot up hit ENTER twice) run the following commands:

    gdisk -l /dev/sda
    sgdisk -P /dev/sda
    sgdisk -O /dev/sda

    Take a picture and post here as well.

  • Ok so im still having issues I pretty much started over did a clean server install and Windows 10 enterprise install in my vm environment…booted to audit mode installed some software and sysprep/shutdown. Booted up and registered with FOG to do a capture but still stuck at "Clearing NTFS flag …Done " The weird thing is if I switch the image type to multiple partitions non re-sizable it works no problem but I need to be able to capture with the option to resize.

  • Thanks guys… I will give your suggestions a try and reimage

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    @gmonk said in Image Capture:

    every time it hangs on clearing ntfs flags

    I agree, the issue is not with FOG, but with your target computer not being shutdown cleanly.

    Let either:

    1. Sysprep power off your computer
    2. Shut it down with shutdown -s -t 0
    3. Or disable fast startup to ensure the disk is closed properly when win10 is shutdown.

  • @gmonk A few things: