Expanded Virtual Disk but FOG doesn't see the change

  • Hey Guys,

    So today we gave our Fog server more disk space. We expanded the drive in Ubuntu but FOG isn’t seeing the changes even after a restart. I’ve looked on the forum and tried a few suggestion there but they didn’t work. I increased the drive by 125GBs. I’m running Ubuntu server 16.04.


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    @breit said in Expanded Virtual Disk but FOG doesn’t see the change:

    Ubuntu sees it just fine but I’m not able to get FOG to see the newly added space.

    What do you mean by “Ubuntu sees it”? We need more details to help. So far you haven’t told us anything about what steps you made (details!) to expand virtual disk, LVM, partition, filesystem and how your setup looks like.

  • @breit You need to add the disk/space to the correct logical volume. And it’s not that fog can’t see it, it’s that you’ve not added the space to the correct logical volume or you’ve not extended the filesystem yet. After adding the space, you also need to extend that partition’s filesystem to use all available space. All of this is in the Linux OS, nothing to do with fog.

    Use this command: df -h
    If you don’t see the extra space using that command, then you’re not done. Fog has nothing to do with it.

  • Ok, I just went through it again and its apart of our volume group . Ubuntu sees it just fine but I’m not able to get FOG to see the newly added space.

  • @breit You have to either expand the partition or if you’re using logical volume management, you can add another partition to your volume group. If you search around in the forums, lots of people have done this, and there are tutorials here too. But this isn’t something FOG Specific - this is just Linux disk management.

    in either case, ABSOLUTELY snapshot your fog VM before doing this. If it’s not a VM, backup your images and database first!