UNSOLVED Snapin completes on client but stays in "In-Progress" State on server

  • I have a snapin that correctly deploys and fully installs on the client PC but it never clears out of Fog. It just stays in the “In-Progress” state on the Fog server. This is a problem because Fog won’t move on to the other snapins in the list until it knows that this one is complete. I’ve tried re-creating the snapin and tried testing on multiple clients. Same results.

    Fog: 1.4.4
    SVN Revision: 6077
    CentOS 7

  • Senior Developer

    @kafluke Please post the logs as requested or let is know if you’ve already solved this yourself so other users having the same issue can help themselves too.

  • @kafluke does your snapin do something that would prevent the client from completing the task? At any rate - all snapin troubleshooting generally should start by examining the fog.log file - generally located at: C:\fog.log and it should just tell you what’s happening.