Error in SetupComplete.cmd

  • Dear Developers,

    In your wiki regarding the Win7 SetupCommand states the usage of “shutdown -t 0 -r” command. This is incorrect, it should be “shutdown /r /t 0”

    Also, I have created a basic template of a unattend.xml on pastebin for OEM usage, you can upload it on your wiki if you’d like to.

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  • by history: i always use it with - (minus) 😄

    Syntax: shutdown [/i | /l | /s | /sg | /r | /g | /a | /p | /h | /e | /o] [/hybrid] [/soft] [/fw] [/f]
        [/m \\Computer][/t xxx][/d [p:]xx:yy [/c "Kommentar"]]

    I call it good development 😉

  • @eroldin at any rate, we greatly appreciate you trying to help out - we need more people helping out. If you find anything else, please do raise a new thread about it here.

  • I just tested with the minus (-) from a command prompt on my Windows 10 Client here, works fine.

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    @wayne-workman According to the EULA you must install OEM images using the vendor supplied OEM media only. You can use FOG to PXE boot an OEM image for deployment, but you can NOT clone an existing OEM system using any deployment solution.

    My friend Chris over on the Spiceworks Community wrote a article about reimaging rights. What is allowed and what isn’t. While this one is from 2015 MS hasn’t changed the rules in regards to what you can do.


    But in regards to the OP’s post, he is right on the / vs -. Its more common and generally accepted by applications to use the forward slash. Many application also except the minus key switch. Us lazy linux guys probably just used the minus key switch because that is what unix expects. I don’t have a windows system handy to see if shutdown accepts both or only the forward slash.

    As for the unattend.xml, it is a pretty good one. We from time to time have people ask for a generic unattend.xml file so uploading it to the wiki may not be a bad idea, just be aware its currently configured for The Netherlands in the internationalization bits. The rest are OK.

  • @george1421 @joe-schmitt is that OEM example ok for the wiki? I thought there was licensing issues around that.

  • @eroldin windows allows the use of - or / for argument switches.