• Hey guys!

    I have a totally clean install of current stable (1.4.4) on a debian machine as server. As it is being populated, i realised a strange (for me at least) fenomenon. Images I relocated from old machine (fog v1.3.x) used setting partclone for method. On this new setup if i create a new image the default settings (remember, “next-next-finish” fully clean install) sets cloning method for partimage. And, if image is being created, ofc partclone is running (as i was expecting). Is it a bug of some kind or a simple setting what i should change to partclone somewhere as default?

  • @quazz oh, you meant them? well i never used them really, sorry not to recognise them by name 😞

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    @foglalt Form or not, Apache serves the information, including the default selected image type when it loads the (mostly) blank form in the first place.

    Most browsers have what are known as ‘dev-tools’. Right-click inspect page will typically open them up. One of the tabs is ‘Console’

    Some errors are logged there, typically javascript errors or link failures or the like. Basically anything the client has to do (download files, etc)

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    @Quazz No nothing in the apache error logs and can’t seem to find anything related in the browser debug console either.

  • I have things in advanced menu of fog, but i maybe misunderstood why you mention this. I will test with many browsers, it maybe in help, and will post it tomorrow (atm fighting with dhcp/fog/pxe/uefi/bios combo as main target, that kills my brain cells, it is just a side thing i noticed).

    Anyway, setting is defaulted as partclone, new image it turns out to be set to partimage, but in actual task, partclone starts (not to mention idk what partclone option, as i saw more than one in rolldown list).
    @Quazz can you pls tell me what do you mean with mentioning apache log? it is a form, how would be anything logged without posting form content? (and what is browser console log?)

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    @sebastian-roth All three work as expected for me.(all on current versions: Chrome 63 (64 bit), Firefox 57, Edge 40.15063)

    Anything showing up in your apache logs or browser console log?

    Also, not sure if it’s relevant, but do you use https by any chance?

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    @Quazz Good point, thanks for pointing this out. I am on Linux (debian) client + Firefox 52.3 / Chrome 57 / Opera 48 and see this issue in all the browsers. Can you try Firefox and Edge on Windows as well?

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    @sebastian-roth Strange. I also have Centos 7 and RC10 and it works normally for me.

    This reminds me of the advanced menu item thingy where things worked as expected for me, but not others.

    What OS/browser are you using on the management page? I’m using Windows 10 + Chrome currently.

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    @Tom-Elliott I just had a look at one of my test FOG servers and it also defaults to “Partimage” when creating a new image definition. This is RC 10 on CentoOS 7. Do you see this as well or have you got an idea why this might be the case?

  • atm in 1.4.4 there is option for set default. but as i set (well, actually on clean setup it was on partclone) it still shows partimage upon creating a new image (and it starts partclone ofc if image is actually being created.)

    oh, and it is debian 9.3

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    @wayne-workman that setting was removed when we added the zstd format.

  • Each individual image can be set in Image Management. I forget where, but there is a place that is like hidden from view unless you enable a fog configuration setting I think.

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    @foglalt I see. The setting works correctly on my end.

    Which Debian version do you run?

    Can you try setting the default option to something else and see if that works correctly?

  • @quazz That is where I made my post. That there, it says Partclone gzip. So default is set to partclone, then new image “set” is partimage (which is the older one if i remember well). At that point i thought it is kinda bug. Is it? 🙂

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    I’m not 100% about partimage, I think partclone has a wrapper for it or something.

    At any rate, you may be able to change the default under FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> General Settings -> IMAGE COMPRESSION FORMAT DEFAULT