Unique-Identifier Branch

  • Just wanted to see if the unique identifier branch is in a place that is ready for testing. I would like to try it / move to it before our next batch of devices come in. Maintaining pairings of USB adapters to computers is a huge pain when they’re not always being used by the end user.

  • Just realized I don’t have any spare machines that use the USB adapter on hand to test. Guess I’m gonna put a pause on this until the next batch of machines come in.

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    @astrugatch As this is still in kind of an untested alpha stage you are pretty much the first to give it a try as far as I know. But I can’t think of anything that can go wrong if you simply register machines through the FOG menu (we need a proper registration with inventory data as we rely on Parts of that). If I got the logic correct you should be able to register several machines using the same USB adapter all the time…

    Ohhh, I just remembered that I might still miss a database change. Forgot about that. Give it a try and we see what happens. I will look into pushing a fix for that soon.

    Edit: Just noticed another problem. I think we haven’t build new init files that including those changes yet. Sorry but this is not going to work yet. Will push this now that you are keen to test. Stay tuned.

  • My afternoon was a littler busier than I planned but I have got the unique identifier branch up on a new VM. Any known issues I should be on the lookout for? Gonna try it out with some of our recently retired devices so I don’t mess with my production machines.

  • @sebastian-roth

    Thanks. I’ll roll up a VM after lunch and give this a look.

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    @astrugatch Watch out there are a couple of things not quite right in the commands you posted. I’d go like this:

    sudo -i
    git clone https://github.com/FOGProject/fogproject
    cd fogproject
    git checkout unique-identifier
    cd bin/

  • This is great to hear. And yes I do have a virtualization platform where I can test a new build. Can I just:

    git clone https://github.com/fogproject/fogproject.git trunk/; git checkout unique-identifier; cd unique-identifier/bin/
    sudo ./installfog.sh
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    @Tom-Elliott Awesome man! 🙂

  • @sebastian-roth, @developers, @moderators et al, I’ll go with the simple and true, “I’m back!” And I should be able to help a bit more than I have been able to recently. Not as much as before then but more than in the recent months once I rebuild my dev environment.

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    @george1421 You probably didn’t know about the unique identifier branch yet. Makes a lot more sense now, does it?

    @astrugatch Sorry, I haven’t been working on this much lately as there are just too many other things on my list. But thanks for pointing out that you are actually waiting to see this in productive. It’s still kind of an alpha version but has a DB change in it already. So you can’t easily move back once you went that way. Do you have a VMware server or another hardware to use for testing to you don’t mess with your productive environment too much?

    I have a bit more time on my side over the next days - well at least more than on normal working weeks. So if you are keen we can work on this.

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    @astrugatch Ah, OK you are waiting for the UUID patches to get into the build. Development on those fixes have slowed down because of the holiday time. I know that is a major problem that needs to be addressed soon. I’m sorry I don’t have a clearer answer on timing for you.

  • @george1421

    Hi, Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m currently on the dev-branch and running 1.5.0RC10 but I see in GitHub a branch for a unique identifier (ie NOT the ethernet MAC). The goal is to enroll our incoming devices but be able to simply use a handful of ethernet adapters instead of maintaining a list of adapters that are paired with computers for MAC address identification.

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    @astrugatch I think you have 2 or 3 questions in this post and I’m not 100 sure how to answer them collectively.

    The current stable release of FOG is 1.4.4. There is a development release that is pending its called 1.5.0RC10. You can upgrade to that if you do a git pull from the dev branch. You can upgrade.

    My question is what do you expect to happen when you upgrade. I get the feeling that there is some kind of need you hoped the update to address. Lets make sure we understand what you hope to fix by upgrading.