Unable to UEFI boot to Fog Server

  • Hello,

    We are trying to image HP 640G3 and 840 G3/4 laptops. We’re unable to get the pc’s to boot to Fog using UEFI.

    This same issue is also preventing us from imaging our Gen2 Hyper-V machines. We know UEFI is supported, but what is necessary to get these machines to boot?

    If we reconfigure bios to enable Legacy support they boot fine, however that is not a great solution.


  • @george1421 said in Unable to UEFI boot to Fog Server:

    If Windows 2008 DHCP doesn’t support automatic uefi/bios (I know it doesn’t)

    If it does, I cannot figure it out. I spent days trying. One would think it can given the available GUI options in 2008 DHCP, but configuration of it is just way too complicated. 2012 R1 and above handles it nicely though.

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    @rboan Two things here.

    1. If Windows 2008 DHCP doesn’t support automatic uefi/bios (I know it doesn’t) you can install dnsmasq on your fog server to supply the needed dynamic booting options. Basically you install and setup dnsmasq and then remove dhcp boot option 66 and 67 from your 2008 server.

    2. It looks like you created some kind of advanced menu options. What the error is saying is the command you used in the advanced menu is not a keyword that iPXE knows or understands. What exactly did you add under the advanced menu?

  • We have tried the options outlined in the suggested link but we are running Windows Server 2008 DHCP so, according to the document, “Nobody in the FOG Community has succeeded with this as of yet.”

    With that said, I was able to get the HP 640G3 and 840 G3/4 laptops to boot UEFI and Hyper-V Gen 2 to the Fog Server on a 2008 DHCP Server to Capture an Image, but it errors out when I try to Deploy an image after booting to the Fog Menu. Attached is the error that we are getting.


  • @caw001 You’ll want to read through this, it has the configuration steps you need: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=BIOS_and_UEFI_Co-Existence