Migrated Server - Clients Cannot Connect

  • In my test environment I’m practicing moving FOG to a new server. I’m having a similar issue to the thread HERE where the client will no longer talk to the new fog server.

     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Client-Info Version: 0.11.12
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Client-Info OS:      Windows
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Middleware::Authentication Waiting for authentication timeout to pass
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Middleware::Communication Download:
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Data::RSA FOG Server CA cert found
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Data::RSA ERROR: Certificate validation failed
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Data::RSA ERROR: Trust chain did not complete to the known authority anchor. Errors: The signature of the certificate cannot be verified. (NotSignatureValid)
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Middleware::Authentication ERROR: Could not authenticate
     12/6/2017 2:42 PM Middleware::Authentication ERROR: Certificate is not from FOG CA

    I believe I followed the steps in the wiki correctly, but must have missing something.

    I made sure to move over the ssl folder, assign the rights as outlined, and reset encryption on the clients but still get the error above. The new server has the same IP address as the old (which is what the client install is pointing to) as well as the same server name.

    Any tips or things to check?

  • @sebastian-roth said in Migrated Server - Clients Cannot Connect:

    @Scott-B So things are fixed for you now, I understand?

    Yes good to go! Now to perform the migration on the production server.

  • Developer

    @Scott-B So things are fixed for you now, I understand?

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Got it! I didn’t run the installer again after moving over the old SSL certs. Thanks!

  • @scott-b I’ve written two sets of instructions on how to do this step-by-step, but ultimately all you’re doing is taking /opt/fog/snapins/ssl on the old server and moving it to the same spot on the new server, and then re-running the installer afterwards. have you looked over this yet? https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=FOG_Client#Maintain_Control_Of_Hosts_When_Building_New_Server

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