UNSOLVED Join domain and rename PC

  • Is there any way to rename the PC and join the domain during the imaging process?

  • you could use powershell & the api to rename everything, but it’d probably be easier to just import all the correct host data as a CSV file.

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    @caw001 said in Join domain and rename PC:

    We name our workstations with a combination of their asset tag #.

    Bull cookies (sorry its been a long day), there IS an automated way to do this as I explained.

    Our machine names are comprised of the following.
    <location==OU><device_type><dell asset tag>
    <location> is based on where the image is deployed at
    <device_type> is a composite based on the hardware type (D,L,T)
    <dell_asset_tag> is the 7 digit code read from the hardware during deployment.
    All of that is concatenated and pumped into the unattend.xml file.

    ref: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/7740/the-magical-mystical-fog-post-download-script/7

    If you wanted you can even call the FOG api and rename the host in FOG during image deployment (I say in theory since I have not done it, but it should be possible). Wayne may know a way how to call the API to rename a host.

    The other solution is the manual approach.
    During system full registration you key in the prefix, for example if your system will be in New York and its a Desktop we would key in USNYD and then take a USB bar code reader and ‘zap’ the asset number barcode on all Dell computers.

  • @wayne-workman Ok thanks. I think we are going to find a way to do this through Powershell. We name our workstations with a combination of their asset tag #. So there is no logical way for Fog to figure that out and we really don’t want to have to go in and modify the host in between every image.
    Thank you for the suggestions.

  • @caw001 said in Join domain and rename PC:

    I understand it gives it a name, but it does not follow our naming convention.

    FOG only names a computer with what you specify. You can change the name of a host in the web gui, under Host Management.

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    @caw001 You would customize the name during registration by using the full registration and keying in the proper system name there.

    The other way to go about it is to not have FOG name the system, but do it in the unattend.xml file. I have a post install script calculate the system name based on several factors, then update the unattend.xml file with the proper system name. Then when the system boots it already knows its name during OOBE. I also have the unattend.xml file connect the computer to AD in the proper OU (because that has to be calculated too). The point being is there is several different ways to go about doing what you need.
    Maybe if you could provide the naming convention you use we could think of some options for you.

  • Correct. I understand it gives it a name, but it does not follow our naming convention. So let me rephrase the question, is there any way “customize” the name during the domain join?

  • @caw001 FOG by default already renames deployed Windows images during the imaging process. Renaming and joining after the imaging process is performed by the FOG Client.