Deploy or Upload Confirm Task Web page freezes

  • I have FOG .28 on Ubuntu 9.10. It’s been working fine until the other day. The problem is when I try to deploy an image the Confirm Task page come up, I click “Image all Computers” button and the page freeze. The small FOG Mesage window never slides down from the top of the screen. I can’t navigate to any other tab.

    The only thing I’ve done in the last few days is deleted 3 old pending tasks from the /TFTPboot/PXElinux.cfg folder that were over three months old and were not showing up as active tasks. And I’ve been copying my master images to a backup server then deleting the /images folder.

    This server is a MASTER server and I use remote node servers to host the actual images that get deployed to the PC’s. The remote servers are also the PXE/DHCP servers. The images are moved to the node servers via a custom script since it’s a satellite link.

    I’m not a linux expert by any means and I’m not sure where to start.

  • I am having a very similar, maybe the same problem. see: [url][/url]

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    Silly question, but did you try a different browser. It could be client side code locking up. Is the task file getting created in tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ or in the tasks table in MySQL ?

  • OK, Lets try this a different way. Does anybody have an documentation on troubleshooting the web page code. The general flow of events??? It seems like the there may be a command that’s attempting to execute but can’t for some reason. If i can find the flow chart for this section of the web interface I might be able to find the problem.