SOLVED TFTP error oh my (ESX Server)

  • Playing with VMware ESXi Server 5.5.0. I’ve created a new version 7 VM of FOG 1.4.4 server on CentOS 7.x and a version 8 client VM . PXE booting the client I’m receiving the following error:

    PXE-T00: Permission denied
    PXE-E36: Error received from TFTP server

    I thought the obvious so I played with permissions at various levels to the point that I blew away the server , the OS and rebuilt it all again from scratch, yet the error persists. I’ve stepped away and I’m looking for outside ideas… what am I missing?

    I’ve not encountered this at all with either Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox

    grep tftp messages from /var/log

    Nov  9 13:23:55 [localhost] xinetd[861]: START: tftp pid=17084 from=

    Then EXIT after 15 minutes.

    Switching DHCP Scope Option 66 to another server on another subnet it PXE boots properly; so the network is fine.

    Configuration of the server is extremely basic and hasn’t failed me for any server I’ve deployed yet as physical or virtual.

    I’m not diving too deeply into this as I’m successfully fog’ing across the subnets right now, but I was hoping to setup a dedicated server using vmware.

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    @sudburr said in TFTP error oh my (ESX Server):

    PXE-T00: Permission denied

    It looks like this might be a file permission issue (if not selinux). The permissions on the /tftpboot directory should be 655 or 755. Make sure the parent folder /tftpboot as well as all of the files have these rights.

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    @sudburr Since this is a new fog server install, did you remember to disable selinux as well as stop the firewall?

    The permission denied is a new one for me. I have to look that one up. It might be the file permissions in /tftpboot, but I need to research that a bit.

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    @sudburr Just a quick idea… maybe SELinux or the firewall? Forgot to disable?