Not obvious how to get an account to edit the wiki @

  • Hi,
    I’m planning to use FOG for imaging at work, so started reading the FOG wiki for info. I noticed a typo and wanted to fix, but found I could not edit the wiki anonymously (which I think is wise), but also could not log in as I had no account, and the wiki log in page has no hints as to how to go about getting an account!

    I then searched and found these forums, and created an account here in order to ask this question. I then tried my new forum account credentials on the wiki (just in case) and found they don’t work.

    Please let me know how a new user is supposed to get an account to edit the wiki. It seems to me that you are likely putting people off doing it as I’ve put some effort in here and found no hints as to how to do this.

    Once I find out I’ll try to make it more obvious for others in future.

  • Thanks George and Wayne - I’ll submit my request for wiki account now.

  • @rmallins Welcome to the FOG Forums. We try to help who we can with some of our free time. It’s especially great when someone who was once new - after about a year - starts to help out a little too with answering questions and helping write documentation or tutorials and such. PHP and NodeJS developers are especially wanted.

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