Loading AHCI drivers on a new image

  • Some new computers were received require AHCI drivers for Windows to boot. Because the image we were previously using did not have any AHCI drivers installed, Windows 7 would BSOD immediately after the “Starting Windows” splash screen was finished, and send the machine into a boot loop.

    I tried booting the machine with the HDD controller in IDE mode, which allowed me to get into Windows and I tried all the registry tweaks I know of to get AHCI working after Windows has been installed. Despite this having worked on other systems in the past, it refuses to work at all with these, so I got to work on a new image where these drivers are installed.

    So on one of the problem machines I installed a fresh copy of Windows, got all drivers and applications installed, ran Sysprep/FOGprep and uploaded this image to the FOG server. Deployed the image to one of the other machines, and it has the same issue (BSOD on boot).

    So that said, is there any way to preload drivers on a system image? This image will only be used on machines with this HDD controller.

  • Sysprep is working fine. I made another image and this time around it worked. Not sure what changed.

    Now I’m trying to make a new base image and FOG will not allow me to upload it, but that’s another thread…

  • Developer

    AHCI drivers were a headache with windows XP but I’m quite suprised you’re having this issue with windows 7, as windows 7 has basic ahci driver in built, how are you sysprepping the image, I would check to see if sysprep is completing and running correctly.