Would it be possible to get another field on the host page.

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    Would it be possible to get another field (Other tag 3) on the host page/inventry table?

    As I work a cross a growing Multi Academy Trust I currently use Other Tag 1 for the ‘Site/School’ and ‘Other Tag 2’ for the Location/Room.

    It would be nice to have another blank field, just a thought. (Not sure how many people actually make use of the other tag fields)


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    @sebastian-roth true we could do that and have gained a field back for other use like asset tags that @Wayne-Workman mentioned but mostly because it stops information from being stored wrongly. (I know… how hard could it be to put site/room into one field.) I’ll have another think about merging them.

  • @falko said in Would it be possible to get another field on the host page.:

    What did you use the field for, if I can ask?

    With our own asset tag number. We purchased such large amounts of equipment at once (like millions of dollars worth) we told Dell to put our asset tags on at the factory, and they were like “sure, no prob”. So in those cases it was nice, because Dell gave us an excel file with their serial numbers, MACs, and our asset tags all in one document. For other vendors that weren’t so nice to us (like Lenovo) we put the asset tags on ourselves and scanned them in with barcode scanners into FOG.

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    @falko Why not use the first two “other tag” fields to store several pieces of information? Just separate each with a character like | or / or whatever.

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    Good question. I’m not sure to be honest, the reason I set the current ones the way I do is mostly for the inventry CSV that goes to our finance team during audit. (I know where the machines are just from the hostname)

    I also use the primary user field if a device is on loan, I think altogether this has us covered. (Admittedly I don’t have an urgent requirement for another ‘other tag’ field just yet but thought I would request it in case the need arises.

    What did you use the field for, if I can ask?

  • @falko At one of my previous jobs, I used ‘other tag 1’ pretty heavy.

    You only need a 3rd Other tag? You don’t foresee needing a 4th or 5th Other tag?