SOLVED Updated FOG now all Windows 7 machines attempt to pxe boot and just keep cycling through pxe

  • We just did the latest update and now all of your windows 7 machines wont boot to the hard drive. They just sit attempting to pxe continuously. Any ideas why they all won’t boot now? I’ve turned off the FOG server so now the windows 7 users have to wait about 15-20 seconds but it at least allows them into their machines. Thanks!

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    @jbranka4 Sounds kind of strange that machines with Win 10 did still work but Win 7 ones didn’t. From what I know about this it shouldn’t really matter if it’s Win7 or 10 in that case IF

    • exit style is configured the same way for all of those machines
    • all are either legacy BIOS or UEFI

    I kind of expect to see a difference between those machines beside Win7/10, most probably BIOS vs. UEFI.

  • @wayne-workman I should’ve included it but I forgot however, we decided to just roll the VM back since it wouldn’t stop pxe booting win 7 machines. Win 10 machines are fine, they boot normally. Its only the Win 7 and I noticed there was a new boot firmware update in there today so Im wondering if that had something to do with it. Im going to try @x23piracy suggestion on Monday when we return. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it.

  • @jbranka4 is it possible that you boot all your computers by default via network? If so i bet the exit type is a problem.
    what if you try to boot the hard drive from a computer by it’s boot menu manually by hdd/ssd what ever, i am sure it will boot. now try to manually boot via network and try to boot from local harddrive entry, if it just reenters the menu the exit type should be the problem.

  • @jbranka4 said in Updated FOG now all Windows 7 machines attempt to pxe boot and just keep cycling through pxe:

    We just did the latest update

    We really need to know the exact version you’re on.