Capture fail

  • Server: Ubuntu 17.04, fog 1.5rc9
    Client: Win 7 pro x64


    I try to capture a new image from a post but when i do that i’ve got this error at the end of the job


    I trie a couple of time and same error everytime.

  • @george1421 I did thoses manipulations… It didn’t works.

    EDIT: wait i’ve forget to run ./ again… And its works fine! Tanks

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    @lemeunier What I’m referring to specifically is the FOG server that you are capturing the image to. There is a linux account called fog where the password seems to be out of sync with what FOG thinks it should be.

    Here is the process to get everything back in alignment.

    1. Review the hidden file /opt/fog/.fogsettings on the fog server that is generating the invalid login.
    2. In that file will be a setting password=“something”. You need to note and document this password. (Hint: if you connect to your fog server with putty and copy that password out using putty your life will be much easier).
    3. Now from the linux command prompt set the fog user’s password to the value found in the .fogsettings file with passwd fog and then paste in the password you collected in step 2.
    4. In the FOG Webgui, goto the FOG Settings and then tftp server settings. Ensure the password defined there matches what you collected in step 2.
    5. Still in the web gui go to the storage node configuration for that server. Ensure the management password matches what you collected in step 2.
    6. Now from a windows computer make sure you can log into the FOG server using a FTP client. User the user ID of fog and the password you collected in step 2.
    7. If successful now to the last bit of cleanup. Rerun the fog installer ./ script that will clean up the remaining bits and put you back in a happy place.

  • @george1421 The host (win 7 pro) has been made by an other fog in a second site. I’ve reinstalled the fog client. I didn’t use the fog acount ever.

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    Do you by chance use the linux user fog for system maintenance or have change the linux user fog's password. This error message is typically created when someone uses or changes the linux fog service account.

  • @Tywyn Updated.

  • @lemeunier
    It seems, that your picture is not attached properly.