sub-menus on images page for deploying images?

  • How can I add some sub menus to the image selection page when deploying images such as by brand or desktop laptops etc? using 1.5.0 RC9

  • @george1421 only using a filled advanced menu with a handful isos nothing more. sorry

    @amjfrankenstein said in sub-menus on images page for deploying images?:

    …out of date and rusty

    If you rest you rust 😉

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    I agree driver injection isn’t that hard even with non-Dell systems as long as you can get the driver packs in inf format and not as self install .exe files.

    Since you are working as a hardware refurbisher, you are probably working just with the Deploy menu in FOG. Without modifying FOG, having a great naming convention for the images is important. With iPXE there isn’t a very easy way to add submenus.

    @Quazz or @x23piracy Did one of you guys have a complex iPXE submenu structure. I seem to recall someone on the forums built a complex submenu design using the custom iPXE menus option in FOG.

  • @amjfrankenstein Driver injection isn’t too bad to do if you mostly work with Dells (and I believe that HP has their own too). Would you want some help getting that setup?

  • Apologies for wording - I am a lead tech at a computer refurbishing company and we have literally hundreds of systems we image with Windows 10 with MARS so our list for deployment is several pages long with home pro uefi and legacy images with drivers pre insta!led updated and sysprepped I was hoping to be able to edit the HTML/PHP to allow sub menus/pages but it has been 15+ years since I did web design and my HTML and the like are out of date and rusty

    I have thought about trying a more universal image with drivers injection like wds but I am kind of the only one on our team with multi os knowledge and any Microsoft certs

    If you could help with a way to clean up the library of images so the more Junior techs will be less confused it would be most helpful

  • @amjfrankenstein I think this is a classic X Y problem - Please fully explain your end-goal and intentions and we’ll inform you of the best solution possible.

  • Just an end user, don’t know if there is a way.

    Workaround that might work:

    Create a group for every brand, desktops, laptops etc. and assign an image to those. Then when assigning that group to your machines they should get the corresponding image.