• It would be nice if we could add groups into groups.
    I’m an IT guy in a school. We have a lot of PC Labs and currently every lab has it’s own Group.
    Sometimes I have to deploy just to one Lab but sometimes to all of them.

  • FOG Groups are much more advanced than Active Directory groups IMO. They allow for more flexibility - but that extra flexibility they allow requires the Admin to be organized and intensely aware of the details involved when using groups. (really, just an understanding of relational databases)

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    @pcnate I don’t understand what you mean “All Snapins, AD, Product Key, etc…”

    Snapins have never shown which are applied to all hosts in the group.

    Please remember, Groups in FOG are not as most seem to expect. The idea of Groups in FOG is to update hosts en-mass. It’s not a “join this host to this group and the host will magically have all of the data.” The reason? Because Hosts can belong to multiple groups. I find, that while it’s not as natural as groups in AD, it’s still very useful to update a bunch of hosts with exactly the settings you’re wanting. Think of it this way, if you have a host associated to 2 groups, which group is the one you expect to set the host data?

  • @sebastian-roth adding a host to a group seems to reset all snapins, AD, product key etc that were assigned to the group. I was expecting that the group settings would apply to any new host added to a group. Am I wrong in this assumption?

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    @pcnate said in Group in Group:

    As of 1.4.4 making a change to any host within a group seems to mess the group up.

    What exactly is messed up after what specific action? Please be more concrete so we are able to figure out what’s wrong.

  • I like the idea of having groups within groups. I think that groups do need some work. As of 1.4.4 making a change to any host within a group seems to mess the group up. I initially thought I could have many groups per host and could use that to manage and deploy. Such as a group for one setup of office and a few different labs that would overlap.

  • @x23piracy Yes that’s works as a workaround, and currently my setup is like that. But now if I change a group (new pcs comes, old goes …), then i need to change in 2 different groups.
    I didn’t say that this is a primary feature, but it would be great in the future.

  • Just an idea, isn’t it possible to set a host in two groups?
    If so you can create a group for each lab and one group for all labs.

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